about us

Much of the art sales are handled today on differend online art auctions. artistsauctions organization is a team of experts that offers the advanced, busy art lovers the opportunity to buy art online and/or directly from the artist's studio. At artistsauctions, the artists themselves set the price of their artworks by offering their works on the platform at a fair starting price.

artistsauctions offers interested buyers a wide range of works of art divided into four categories: Discoveries, Established, Rediscoveries and Estates. This subdivision, which is commonly used at art fairs, is important to us in order to simplify the search for the desired work of art. Setting up the artwork in the appropriate category and the artist's CV are therefore essential and are regularly monitored by our team. Incorrect information can lead to the blocking of the user account. The artist / seller is therefore obliged to familiarize himself with the categories, terms of setting up the artwork and the terms and conditions of artistsauctions! At the artistsauctions art auction, the potential buyer will have the opportunity to read the artist's CV and the details of the artwork. The buyer gets the opportunity to get in touch with the chosen artist. Any logged in buyer can contact the seller through the website link : Contact Seller.
That way the interested buyer can clarify in advance all details concerning the art work and the purchase procedure and all details with the artist / seller.

Basically, every art owner can post a work of art on the artistsauctions platform as soon as the name of the artist as well as the life data (CV) can be correctly stated. It is mainly thought of the estates that store in many attics and find an art lover for a fair price. If the artist is unknown, please also select the category estates / estates.

For the buyer, the auction is free. The artist / seller pays to artistsauctions fee for setting up but NO commission from the sold artwork! For this we take care of the worldwide distribution of the artistsauctions platform. We regularly send newsletters to galleries, museums, collections and private companies. In addition, we use the platform itself as a buyer and as a seller.

Good luck at our art auction!