How to sell

Important Informations for the seller/ artist:

  • No commission on sale!
  • For the setting of a work of art depending on the starting price hiring fees, from 5,- Euro off.
  • In order to be able to post articles you must first register and log in
  • After you are logged in, you can upload your object.
  • When setting a work of art, please select exactly the appropriate category (description below). Incorrectly set works can be deleted. The examination of the category of the work is based on the vita of the artist. The vita of the artist is required as information for the buyer. Please only specify the most important biographical data and exhibitions.
  • In the fields for description of the artwork and Vita are only texts allowed. Your own or external links and images that you use there will not be displayed.
  • Your auction will start no later than 3 days after the automatically calculated setting fee, that you have seen, is credited to the account of artistsauctions.
  • You will receive the account details of artistsauctions by e-mail, immediately after setting of your artwork on the Platform.
  • After the end of the auction, you will also receive an e-mail from artistsauctions.
  • The sale of the auctioned artwork and the shipping of the art work takes over the artist / seller. The shipping costs are usually paid by the buyer.


starting price (EUR) setting fees (EUR)
up to 499,- 2,-
500,- to 1999,- 5,-
2000,- to 4.999,- 7,-
5.000,- to 9.999,- 10,-
from 10.000,- 15,-


There are no contracts with the auction house artistsauctions. The sales process for the auctioned artwork occurs exclusively between the artist / seller and the buyer. The shipping takes over the seller. The Buyer pays the shipping costs!


Payment and shipping options

Please arrange the payment and shipping method with the buyer. The buyer must first contact you!

There are different ways of selling. For example:
- The artist may ship his artwork to the buyer with an invoice by last name. He can provide his account details to the buyer, offer PayPal, or (after receiving a deposit) deliver his work to the buyer's home.
- The buyer can pay for the work of art (until receipt) with the help of a trust service or visit the artist in his studio with the aim of seeing several works in the original. That's what the art collectors do!



Please arrange with the buyer your return policy or the possibilities to exchange the artwork. These can be briefly explained in advance in the field for description of the artwork.



Art students and artists after graduation up to 40 years old.


International acting artists represented by at least one established gallery.


Unknown, underestimate or forgotten artists without gallery representation who have exhibited their works in various exhibitions.


Estates of deceased artists.